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Ocean boat in action

Get in, sit down, shut up and hang on!

Surfing an Ocean Boat

Surf an Ocean Boat down an ocean wave and you'll understand why this class of rowing boat will become so popular.

Surfboats have been around for a long time, since the days of square rigged sailing and before, but not in a package like this.

The Ocean Boat comes equipped with a bilge pump and 24 volts of grunt to shift large quantities of water. But the unusual deck design sheds water easily on its own.

Capsize is no problem and the hull actually floats with most of the deck out of the water. Just climb onto the upturned gunwale, where there is a moulded toe rail for grip and haul out on the supplied righting rope. The hull rights itself easily with minimal water inside.

Getting a crew back into the boat once righted is even easier, just pull the wing deck to water level and swim aboard. The extreme flair in these decks keeps the boat upright.

If your oars have popped out of their rowlocks - they are designed to do so under certain loads to prevent breakage - just slide them back in and start rowing.

Ocean boat in action

Do it again and again!

Just be mindful that surfers are small objects and the Ocean Boat a big one. Keep clear for their sake. And besides, good Ocean Boat waves - i.e. full, spilling waves - aren't much good for board riders, and the best waves for surfboards are too quick for any boat. Keep well clear and everyone can enjoy the surf without threat or worry.

Learning to steer (Sweep)

Sweeping a surf boat is a massive task that requires strength, nimble skill and the balance of an acrobat. What better tool to learn this complex skill than from the back seat of an Ocean Boat?

In an Ocean Boat the sweep, or cox as they are called in flatwater boats, sits instead of stands as they do in larger surf boats. By bracing feet on crafted deck sections a sweep can lock in the body, keeping the boat level. The height of the sweep oars comes aboard just under the armpit and is easily controlled by two hands.

The hull shape of the Ocean Boat is different from that of a larger surf boat. It is shorter and has larger planing surfaces for its size and a good sweep on the right wave can weave up the face and back down almost mimicking the cut-back action of a board rider.

Ocean boat in action